The key to becoming an expert at slots machines regardless of the type of machines from the fruit machines, to the Cleopatra machines and so on is practicing every moment you get. At their core, all these different types of machines function in a similar way therefore the more you practice, the more of an expert you will become at them.

Being an expert is usually more about your habits than the actual gameplay. Let’s therefore look at 3 tips on how to become an expert at playing slots machines.

Tip 1: Discipline is a virtue for every expert

No matter how close you feel you are to a win, the moment you exhaust the money you had set aside for playing then it’s time to call it a day. This type of financial discipline and self-control is very important as it’s what will eventually drive you to start winning. Learning when to quit is one of the most important qualities of an expert.

Tip 2: Learn how to place your wagers

When it comes to slots machines, the key to winning is not the number of times you play it’s actually in how you place your wagers. Different machines are programmed to accept different minimums in terms of wagers depending on the jackpot amount therefore your wagers must align to the required amounts for the jackpot.

Tip 3: Learn the casino strategy

Sometimes being an expert is not about how well you can play but how well you can adapt to the casino’s strategy. If you can figure out the casino’s strategy on how it dupes patrons into playing more, then you may just end up being the lucky patsy who the casino allows to win in order to attract other patrons to the slots machines.

I won’t lie, these tips require patience, practice, and some element of luck therefore you must be ready to put in the work. After all, good things are seldom given to people on a silver platter.

It’s a good thing to keep in mind that when it comes to slots machines, there is the matter of improving your winning odds and there’s another matter of having a good strategy. These may sound similar but they mean different things.

My previous post was focused on improving odds and in this post I will focus on having a winning strategy. I trust that when I’m done, you’ll have gotten the difference.

Here are 3 ways to improve your winning strategy when playing slots machines.

1 Learn how to identify the right machines

Casinos will try every trick in the book to ensure that your money stays in the casino and never leaves. That’s basically how they stay in business. Keeping this in mind, avoid the machines that pop out too much in the casino as these are the ones meant to attract you but are programmed not to give you significant wins. Go for the machines that are not too visible but have sufficient players on them.

2 Scout for the best jackpot offers

When in the casino, always avoid being in a rush by jumping onto the first jackpot opportunity that comes up. As part of your winning strategy, it’s a good idea to take your time and explore as many slots machines as possible comparing their jackpot offers until you arrive at the one with the best offer and a decent buy in. In many cases, such will be hidden away from plain sight.

3 Take a chance with the slots machines along the alleyways

As part of the casino’s strategy to get more people playing slots, they will always place lose machines along alleyways in full view of other patrons so that they can be able to see when someone registers a win. Keeping this in mind, when you notice that no one is yet to register a win on these machines, take your turn because you may just be the lucky patsy in the casino’s psychological game.

With these, I trust that you now know the difference between having a good strategy and improving your odds. What you need to keep in mind is that these need to be executed simultaneously in order to improve your winning chances.

For your information, slots machines are among the most popular casino games both online as well as in brick and motor casinos because many amateur gamblers see them as a very easy game that doesn’t require much skill. However, what they soon realize is that it’s not that easy to win in slots.

What if I told you that there is a way to improve your winning odds?

Well, it’s your lucky day because I am going to share with you 3 ways of improving your winning odds when playing slots machines.

You must perfect your timing

Plenty of research which is followed by perfect timing is very critical if you are to increase your winning odds when playing slots machines. The idea is to be very observant of other players in the different machines. Let them play and spend their money until they soften the machine and once it’s started getting generous with wins, jump in and start playing.

Go for high traffic machines

This is in relation to the above point about timing as this only works when you are monitoring the high traffic machines. These are essentially the machines that have attracted players, but they haven’t been able to register wins. The way slots machines are programmed is that in as much as they may not bulge early on, eventually they will bulge and start giving out wins. Be sure to be there when they start.

Avoid being the sucker who softens the machines for others

Slots always have this uncanny ability to make you think that you are just about to start registering wins. Every time you play, the machine will make you feel that you are getting closer and closer but then you realize that you’ve been at it for hours and spent so much of your money without breaking even. Never fall for this trap. Let others soften the machine for you.

These ideas take tact in order to put them into action because they involve spending a lot of time on the casino floor. You therefore need to some really creative use of your time to avoid drawing attention to yourself.