One of the most popular gambling games whether it’s in a brick and motor or online casinos is the game of slots. One of the reasons slots machines are popular is because they don’t require any specific type of skill in order to play them as it’s all about inserting your coins, flipping the switch and hopping you get a win. So popular have slot machines been that there are so many fun variations that keep coming up.

It’s however worth noting that slot machines are not as easy as most people think especially if you want to win. The casino deliberately makes you think it is so that you can play more, lose more, therefore ensuring that your money stays in the house. Through this site, I am going to share with you a couple of tips, tricks and hacks through my knowledge of slots machines.

Just as an introduction, which I believe I should have started with, I am Janet Coomer a slots machines aficionado and I developed this blog with the specific intention of neutralizing the house advantage at least as far as slots machines are concerned.

I trust you will tag along with me and get to enjoy the benefits of learning all about slots machines.