The key to becoming an expert at slots machines regardless of the type of machines from the fruit machines, to the Cleopatra machines and so on is practicing every moment you get. At their core, all these different types of machines function in a similar way therefore the more you practice, the more of an expert you will become at them.

Being an expert is usually more about your habits than the actual gameplay. Let’s therefore look at 3 tips on how to become an expert at playing slots machines.

Tip 1: Discipline is a virtue for every expert

No matter how close you feel you are to a win, the moment you exhaust the money you had set aside for playing then it’s time to call it a day. This type of financial discipline and self-control is very important as it’s what will eventually drive you to start winning. Learning when to quit is one of the most important qualities of an expert.

Tip 2: Learn how to place your wagers

When it comes to slots machines, the key to winning is not the number of times you play it’s actually in how you place your wagers. Different machines are programmed to accept different minimums in terms of wagers depending on the jackpot amount therefore your wagers must align to the required amounts for the jackpot.

Tip 3: Learn the casino strategy

Sometimes being an expert is not about how well you can play but how well you can adapt to the casino’s strategy. If you can figure out the casino’s strategy on how it dupes patrons into playing more, then you may just end up being the lucky patsy who the casino allows to win in order to attract other patrons to the slots machines.

I won’t lie, these tips require patience, practice, and some element of luck therefore you must be ready to put in the work. After all, good things are seldom given to people on a silver platter.

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