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Submit your cool case mod to the gallery! Don't worry, there's no criteria set. Just send us the following info :
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Latest Entry : June 14th, 2004 - 15:57:11
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Case #725  
Name  :  Don
E-Mail  :
Site  :
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  My first case mod. AMD AthlonXP 1600+, 450W PSU, 512MB DDR, Samsung CDR/W and DVD-ROM, ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon 7500 64MB DDR, 20GB HDD.I moved the PSU because it covered my processor and half of my mobo. The fan was reversed and draws air in with the help of 3 pusher fans mounted in a front bay bezel, there are a total of eleven fans in the box, one is a 42cfm turbine system blower to exhaust it all out the back. There are two banks of 6 white LED's to light the case, two blue strobes catch the flourescent tips of the processor fan and neon glowire wraps around the perimeter of the clear front bezel.



Case #724  
Name  :  yeyeye
E-Mail  :
Site  :
Case  :  Lian Li - PC-60
Comments  :  P4 2.2A @ 2.6GHz, Thermaltake Volcano 7+ HSF, EP-4T2A3, 2 x 128MB RDRAM, ATI Radeon 7500, Creative sound card, Acer NIC, 2 x 20GB Seagate HDD, Sony 16X DVD, Philips CDR/W, 17" Samsung 750ST. My second mod so far...



Case #723  
Name  :  Dale Turner
E-Mail  :
Site  :
Case  :  Fong Kai - FK-320
Comments  :  P4 2.26 @ 2.82GHz stable, 512MB Corsair PC3200 (2-2-2), GeForce4 Ti4400 (3DMark score of 15242), watercooling by Dangerden.If it's not a little unstable then you aren't pushing it hard enough!



Case #722  
Name  :  GruntmaN
E-Mail  :
Site  :
Case  :  CoolerMaster - ATC-110
Comments  :  This was done in memory of my pal GrunT.



Case #721  
Name  :  Cox SMTP east
E-Mail  :
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  Kingwin case has 4 fans - 2 in front, 2 in rear - all capable of 4500rpm along with an Orb 3. You need to speak up to be heard when this one's running. Motherboard is an ASUS A7V-333 w/RAID, AMD AthlonXP 2800+, 512MB Samsung DDR333, GeForce4 Ti4400 video card, 2 x HDDs - 1 x 40GB Western Digital, 1 x 30GB Maxtor - Sony 52x CD-ROM, ASUS 48/16/48 CDR/W, Plextor SCSI CD-ROM for future upgrade. Generic power supply is not worthy of this baby, soon to be a paperweight. Well that sums it up but remember, sure it looks nice but it's whats under the hood that counts :)


Latest Entry : June 14th, 2004 - 15:57:11
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