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Submit your cool case mod to the gallery! Don't worry, there's no criteria set. Just send us the following info :
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Latest Entry : June 14th, 2004 - 15:57:11
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Case #720  
Name  :  pimpmeister
E-Mail  :  pimpmeister@pimpmeistermods.com
Site  :  http://www.pimpmeistermods.com
Case  :  Lian Li - PC-60
Comments  :  Lian Li PC-60 USB, laser cut windows, wrinkle finish interior, more at the website.



Case #719  
Name  :  Gunnie
E-Mail  :  gunniepsx@pandora.be
Site  :  http://gunnie.tech.nu
Case  :  Custom
Comments  : 



Case #718  
Name  :  Azoto Liquido '76
E-Mail  :  azotoliquido76@hotmail.com
Site  :  http://digilander.libero.it/azotoliquido76
Case  :  Chieftec - DA-01SLD
Comments  :  Alimentatore Enermax 431W ATX, Matherboard ASUS A7V333, CPU AMD Athlon XP 2100+, Dissipatore Termalright AX7+Evercool 80x80x25 da 4300 RPM con griglia HURRICANE, Corsaris PC3200 512Mb cas2, ASUS V8200 Ti 500 Deluxe GeForce 3 Ti500 64MB, 2 Maxtor 40 Gb 7200 RPM ATA-133, Samsung DVD 16x 48x, Samsung CD-RW 24x 10x 40x, una ventola Enermax 92x92x25 con griglia HURRICANE all'esterno e normale all'interno, cinque ventole Colorful 80x80x25 con griglie normali, Cavi Hard Disk CD-Rom e Floppy Rotondi Fluorescenti, Neon BLU, GREEN & RED.



Case #717  
Name  :  Kevin Burfitt
E-Mail  :  kburfitt@thezone.net
Site  :  http://home.thezone.net/~kburfitt/casemod.htm
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  I call this mod "Fade2Black". It's a P3 @ 733MHz with 512 megs of ram. One 20Gig HD. Two 60mm case fans. Thermaltake chipset cooler and high capacity CPU cooler.



Case #716  
Name  :  ME
E-Mail  :  EngelmannBeuna@aol.com
Site  :  http://www.planetME.de
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  AMD Athlon Slot-A 700MHz, 256MB RAM w/blue heat spreader, ELSA Gladiac GeForce2 GTS 32MB DDR w/Thermaltake Blue Orb and blue RAMsinks, 16GB HDD, 40x CD-ROM, Pioneer A05SZ slot-load 16x/40x DVD-ROM, 16/10/40x CDR/W.



Case #715  
Name  :  Rob Aiken
E-Mail  :  Arobertpeter@aol.com
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  CoolerMaster
Comments  :  3 x SATA HDDs, 2 x 10,000rpm drives in RAID 0 array, 4 x UV lights, cooling mod for the Radeon 9800XT video card, 2.8GHz P4 overclocked to 3.36GHz. All kept nice and cool with a Thermaltake water cooler. Just a few more things I would like to add but I haven't figured out what it is yet.



Case #714  
Name  :  David Ledogar
E-Mail  :  HOTRODLED@aol.com
Site  :  http://www.daveinci.com/pages/6/index.htm
Case  :  Enermax
Comments  :  Needs more power!



Case #713  
Name  :  Russell Enderby
E-Mail  :  renderby@ironrocket.com
Site  :  http://www.ironrocket.com/frostbite
Case  :  Custom
Comments  :  Check out the latest Iron Rocket Game Server!



Case #712  
Name  :  Elvis Mendoza
E-Mail  :  Elvismen20@hotmail.com
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Thermaltake - Xaser III
Comments  :  P4 3.4 @ 4.0GHz, 2GB Corsair XMS3200 Pro, GeForceFX 5900 Ultra @ 550/950MHz, 2 x Raptors 74GB on RAID 0,SB Audigy 2 Platinum Pro, 60GB + 80GB + 2 x 120GB HDDs, Thermaltake 580W butterfly PSU, Plextor DVD/RW and CDR/W drive, Black Ice radiator, Thermaltake Aquarius III and Matrix Orbital LCD. I just like to keep it clean, I donít like to see wire everywhere, I cut the window and made it bigger for more viewing area.



Case #711  
Name  :  -=NEO=-
E-Mail  :  mastermatze69@freenet.de
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  : 



Case #710  
Name  :  Scott Lippy
E-Mail  :  iamhandy_2000@yahoo.com
Site  :  http://briefcase.yahoo.com/iamhandy_2000
Case  :  Enermax
Comments  :  MSI Neo2 865PE mobo, P4 3.0GHz 800FSB w/Thermaltake HSF @ 4650rpm, 2 x 1GB Kingston DDR333 sticks in dual channel mode, Kingwin 450W power supply, MSI nVidia GeForce4 MX440 128MB, Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS, ATI TV Wonder, Maxtor 120GB 7200rpm HDD, Mitsumi USB 2.0 9-in-1 media reader (compact flash, memory stick, floppy, etc.), LiteOn DVDR/RW (LDW-4115), Sony CDR/W CRX-0811, Vantec Nexus NXP101 multi-function controller, Zalman ZM-MFC1 6 case fan reobus w/ 2 5-to12v variables, 2 x Thermaltake active RAM coolers, 120mm case fan (intake) behind front bezel, 120mm case fan (exhaust) blowhole on top, 3 x 80mm dual LED case fans, red lighted foot mod, 2 x 12" UV black cold cathode tubes.



Case #709  
Name  :  The Mystic One
E-Mail  :  the_mystic_one@hotmail.com
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Thermaltake - Xaser III
Comments  :  Thermaltake Xaser III Super Tower V1000 case, MSI K7N2 Delta motherboard, AMD AthlonXP 1800+, 512MB DDR, 40GB Maxtor HDD, 80GB HDD, nVidia TNT2 Pro, 420 Watt PSU, 10 thermal-controlled fans, DVD-ROM, Plextor CDR/W 12/10/32A, 5.1 Dolby surround sound, 500 Watt Yamaha powered speakers with woofer, 21" Dell monitor, Intel webcam, two UV lights, custom cut mirrors on bottom-inside of case, custom cut mirrors cut for back of motherboard panel, all neon colored wiring covers custom made and fitted with just normal things lying around the house and garage.



Case #708  
Name  :  Robin Sommarset
E-Mail  :  robin.s@salangen.net
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  This is my case. I have an AMD AthlonXP 2100+ inside and lots of fans. Update coming soooooon...



Case #707  
Name  :  Peter Moes
E-Mail  :  moestwins@msn.com
Site  :  http://www.t-bird.nl
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  AMD AthlonXP 2200+, 768MB RAM, 160GB HDD. This is my case halfway during rebuilding. Still to come : one full side of acrylic glass, 2 blue colored fans (80mm), special fan-grilles and one side special paint. Temps are still too high.



Case #706  
Name  :  Ken Ninane
E-Mail  :  suckme@fuckhotmail.com
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  AMD AthlonXP 2000+, 256MB DDR PC2100, Maxtor 80GB, Seagate 40GB, Sony 48x32x4 CDR/W, nVidia GeForce 4 Ti4200, ASUS motherboard with nVidia chipset, Creative soundcard and a 2.1 Hercules speaker set. I've put a little piece of plexi in my case and at the side I've placed a blue cold cathode light. In the center there's a Superflower case fan. I'm planning to buy a new cathode light, 2 more fans, 2 laser LED sets and a Sibak CPU cooler or a watercooling set.


Latest Entry : June 14th, 2004 - 15:57:11
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