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 A History of Final Fantasy - Part VII - Final Fantasy Legend I & II
 Date  : Jun 22nd, 2004
 Genre  : RPG
 Developer   : Square-Enix
 Author  : Jin-Ning Tioh

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Final Fantasy Legend
September 1990
15th December 1989
Wonderswan Color

Historical Facts

In the center of the world stands a tower. Rumor has it that at the very top is paradise. However, its many floors lead to many different worlds, each filled with helpful people and places as well as deadly monsters and dungeons. Many are those who have attempted the quest, but none were ever heard from again. Naturally, the task now falls to you to build up a team comprising of humans, mutants and monsters to explore the towers' depths and discover its secrets.

Actually the first game in the well-known SaGa series, these games are actually much less plot-intensive compared to the Final Fantasy series. Instead, the focus is on the the infinitely customizable characters. Unlike the usual level system though, characters' skills slowly evolve and improve throughout the game. Although released during the GameBoy era in all its 4-bit glory, gamers will still be hard pressed to find a better RPG for those long road trips. After a long absence, it was re-released by Sunsoft in 1998, with a remake of it recently made for the Wonderswan Color and released on 20th March 2002. For more on the game check out this site here.

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Final Fantasy Legend II
November 1991
14th December 1990

Historical Facts

Once there was a magical statue of the Goddess Isis with enormous power. For safety however, the statue was shattered into 77 pieces called Magi and scattered to the ends of the Earth. Your father, a Magi Hunter simply left one day seeking out the pieces of the Magi. Years pass before you finally gather a party of adventurers to seek your father and reassemble the statue to find out its true secret. Before the adventure ends, your party will encounter ancient castles, giants, dragon racing and more.

The second game in the SaGa series, Legend II continued its predecessors focus on character customization. Also re-released in 1998 by Sunsoft along with the first and third installments. For more on the game check out this site here.

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