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 Fate of Ages - Interview - Interview
 Date  : Jul 31st, 2004
 Genre  : RPG
 Developer   : Onisoft
 Author  : Jin-Ning Tioh
Let's start with Onisoft. Tell us a little about the studio and how it started up.

Onisoft is currently made up of 3 programmers, 4 artists and one business manager. We've completed our first demo and its working title is Fate of Ages. We're currently seeking a publisher. Onisoft started when Doug and I finished our Masters Degrees at the University of Teesside. We soon found some funding to buy some computers and hire some help. Many long nights later, we finished our demo of FoA.

How long has Onisoft been working on Fate of Ages?

We've been in full production for 4 months on the FoA demo. We are still working on designs and new content but now part-time only.

What have been the main sources of inspiration for FoA?

The big inspirations for FoA was Final Fantasy Tactics, Diablo 2, Final Fantasy (7-10), Disgaea, Warcraft, Dragonball Z, all anime and manga , and Quantum Leap (yes the TV show )

Any details on the story you'd care to release?

The story takes place on a world that is on the verge of destruction. The heroes are brought together by Fate and travel back through time by some mysterious force. There are 6 chapters / Ages planned and in each one the heroes will have to overcome certain events from their past to change the their present.

How many playable characters will there be? Who are they?

There are 6 playable characters.

  • Finn - Main character, Human
  • Kammi - Half Elf / Half Human
  • Miya - Elf princess
  • Prax - Beastman soldier
  • Rad - Young magician
  • Rowen - Druid child
How will character stats be customized?

There characters stats are tied into the characters jobs and will be customized automatically depending on what job you choose.

Will there be different classes for characters to pick? If so, what are a few of them?

There are many different classes and some of the are Ninja, Monk, Cyborg, Fairy, Chaos Mage, Sniper, Rockstar, Chef.

From the wallpaper released in the forums, characters appear to have elemental affiliations. Please describe them.

The current elemental affiliations are fire, water, wind, life, shadow, earth. The jobs/weapons/stats/skills are all based on these affiliations.

How does the battle system work?

The battle system will be a combination of turn-based planning and real-time combat. Sort of similar to the system in Disgaea but with a few exciting enhancements and changes.

How will exploration of the game world be implemented?

There will be 3 modes in the game (1 battle mode, 1 town mode, 1 adventure mode) Adventure mode will be the 'walking on a map bit' where most the exploration will take place. All characters will have abilities that will only be able to be used on the overhead maps which are tied to exploration.

Will there be random encounters throughout the game?

There will be no random encounters in the game.

Will there be mini-games? What are a few of these?

There will be many mini games. All of them will tie into the characters ultimate weapons. Some are Finn's Fishing (mini-fishing game tied to all the bodies of water in the game). A street fighter like mini-game will take place during a tournament in one of the chapters.

Are any side-quests being planned to help make extended replayability more appealing? / What plans are being made to extend replayability?

Every chapter will have several side-quests and completing the various side-quests will result in different endings. There will also be a new game+ feature where the monsters will be stronger / better items / different side quests.

How many hours of gameplay is expected for FoA?

FOA is expected to take at minimum 25 hrs and much longer for the more dedicated players

Will there be a multiplayer aspect to the game? If so how will that work?

The multiplayer aspect will involve an online town that people can go to and show off their characters and trade items.

Will there be a beta test somewhere down the line?

If a PC version is to be released there is a good chance that there will be a beta test.

Approximately how much of the game has been completed?

10 %

Any plans to release FoA on any other platform besides the XBox?

We would like to release FoA on as many platforms as possible. It will depend on what our publisher wants.

Now for the million dollar question - When is FoA expected to go gold?

We would like to sign FoA as soon as possible and have varying schedules planned depending on what platforms we end up developing on. It could be anywhere from 12 to 24 months from when we are signed.

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