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 PlanetSide - Preamble
 Date  : Jul 23rd, 2001
 Genre  : Action
 Developer   : Verant Interactive
 Author  : Jin-Ning Tioh

When PlanetSide was showcased at E3 this year, one couldn't help but be awed by just how much potential this game has to offer. Even in its current state, it is already capable to take the market by storm. So you ask yourself - Why should I be excited about this game? Well, we're here to answer that for you.

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The game takes the player into the middle of an armed conflict between three great empires - The Terran Republic, The New Conglomerate and The Vanu Sovereignty. Each empire wishes to take control of the known universe by force. Unique armor, team colors, and character models are available to each empire. Propaganda videos are provided to the player in order to allow him or her to choose which side she wishes to fight and die for. A nice change for once is that there is no good or evil in the game, just pure motivation. Players are provided apartments to live and store their equipment in. As your prestige and position in the empire rises, better weapons and apartments will be provided to you.

When creating your character, keep this in mind - You're not just creating an alias like in Quake3 or Unreal Tournament. You're creating a character that will rise in rank and gain recognition over time, not to mention keep up to date statistics on everything you do in the field. You'll choose a face and hairstyle that people will be able to see in the home cities of each respected empire. Home cities are safe areas in which players will be able to walk around and converse with one another as well as other citizens without fear of getting shot at or killed.

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Like Tribes, players are given the option to choose from three different armor types - The lightly armored but fast Scout armor, the better defended but slower Medium armor, and the heavily armored but slow Tank armor. Your armor will also change to reflect promotions that you have received, with new symbols or medals appearing. Players will also be able to customize certain skills to better mold their character to their liking. Besides this, you will also be able to choose from several different implants. Some will increase your targeting while others will help hack computer terminals faster.

When a player dies on the battlefield, his corpse becomes open game to the rest of the players. Anyone can loot it for items and other things that you might have on you. This plays an important role, as certain items are only available for a short time only. After that, it becomes something likes a collectors item. The same applies to vehicles. A number of special tanks might be entered into the game for a week, and after that, the tanks remaining become the center of attention, with players battling over its ownership. But they didn't stop here. Verant will organize large campaigns once a month in which players will be able to take part in including large scale battle on continents never seen before.

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