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 Serious Sam : The Second Encounter - Preamble
 Date  : Jan 6th, 2002
 Genre  : Action
 Developer   : Croteam
 Author  : Jin-Ning Tioh

Earlier this year, a relatively unknown company created a suprising hit, stirring waves within the gaming community by eschewing the very conventions that supposedly made modern action games great - An ingenious plot, memorable characters, squad-based tactics and intelligent enemies. Instead, Serious Sam : The First Encounter simply bombardered gamers with non-stop action, violence, gibs and absolutely no attempt at remotely thinking opponents at all, with players taking on the role of Sam "Serious" Stone, a special forces dude mowing down wave after wave of enemies, ranging from harpies to small poisonous toads. Serious Sam was a desperately needed breath of fresh air, harkening gamers back to simpler times, when run n' gun tactics were the order of the day.

Now, just barely a year after their massive success, Croteam has just recently finished the process of creating the second episode to the massively popular series, already going gold not too long ago. Convieniently named The Second Encounter, this episode will feature dozens of even more serious levels, three new weapons of mass destruction, seven new enemies and three new environments. So saddle up, and read on to find out more.

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