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 Warcraft III : Reign of Chaos - Preamble
 Date  : Jul 8th, 2002
 Genre  : Strategy
 Developer   : Blizzard Entertainment
 Author  : Jin-Ning Tioh

Back in 1996, Blizzard created what is still considered by many a dedicated veteran to be a cultural phenomenon in the real-time strategy genre - None other than Warcraft II : The Tides of Darkness. It took the gaming world by storm, changing the way we looked and played strategy games for many years to come. Finally, after 6 years of impatient waiting, it has finally happened - The next episode in the venerable series has finally arrived. Scrambling to slide in the CD and load up the game, I soon found myself hooked to the screen decapitating orcs and raising undead armies to dominate the opposition. After taking a LONG while to work up the strength to click on the exit button, BlueSmoke today proudly brings you the entrails on Blizzard's newest hit on the real-time strategy world.

The orcs and the humans ain't the only ones having all the fun this time round. As it turns out, the orcs were duped into spreading chaos and generally causing a ruckus all these long years by the demonic hordes known as the Burning Legion. And to make matters worst, they had to bring in their undead friends - The Scourge, along with them. As the Human Alliance struggles to fight off both the Scourge and the Legion, the orcs, led by the young warchief Thrall, struggle to rediscover their once proud heritage and traditions in the lands of Kalimdor. As the orcs prepare their defenses for the onslaught ahead, an unusual force appears in the forests - The night elves, led by the demigod Cenarius. Soon, as armies clash and blood is shed, the world will find itself caught up in a Reign of Chaos.

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