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 Cooler Master HSC-V62 - Preamble
 Date  : Oct 8th, 2002
 Category  : Cooling
 Manufacturer   : Cooler Master
 Author  : Tom Smith

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Cooler Master has long been known for their quality cooling products. Today we bring you the latest and greatest that they have to offer. The HSC-V62. So what sets it apart from the other coolers out on the market?

Glad you asked. First off, the fan on the cooler is capable of increasing or decreasing its speed depending on temperature. The thermistor is located under the fan but not directly in the path of the fan's airflow. It actually measures the temperature of the air between the fan and heatsink. Secondly, the method of construction of the heatsink. This method is known as Skived Fin. Skived Fin heatsinks are made out of one block of copper. Then the fins are actually “carved” out of that block. Most heatsinks today have either pressed or soldered in fins or pins. The base of the heatsink is perfectly flat, though machining marks can clearly be seen on it, they should not affect performance. The fins are covered by an aluminum cover that not only serves as a place to attach the fan but also as a airflow director, so to speak. The cover is anodized aluminum and does not take away from the looks of the unit.

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