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 Enermax CSX305ILS - The Inside
 Date  : Nov 19th, 2002
 Category  : Cases
 Manufacturer   : Enermax
 Author  : Tom Smith

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At first glance the case looks like it aluminum, but it is not. For the most part is is .7 MM steel. On the front of the case, there is a light blue acrylic front cover over a thin aluminum layer. I feel that this gives the case a very elegant look to it.

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This case also follows inline with easy accessibility, it has ports up front for USB, Firewire, and audio.

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The side panel comes pre-modded with a window and a fan. The window is in the shape of the Enermax logo. The case fan is a translucent blue fan. I would have liked to see one of the 4 led fans here, but this one does the job it was intended to.

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Cracking open the case, the first thing that you notice is the neon light supplied with the case and this is bolted to the bottom of the case.

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