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 AMD Sempron 3400+ - Closer Look
 Date  : Nov 16th, 2005
 Category  : CPU
 Manufacturer   : AMD
 Author  : Jin-Wei Tioh
The Sempron 3400+ is essentially a Sempron 3300+ with the L2 cache restored to 256KB as shown below.

AMD Sempron 3400+
Marking SDA3400AIO3BX
Core Palermo (Rev E6)
Vcore 1.4V
Frequency 2.0GHz
Package 754-pin Organic u-PGA 
L2 Cache 256KB
Memory Support DDR400 (Single-channel)
HyperTransport Bus 800MHz
Process 90nm SOI
Transistors 63.5 million
Die Size 84mm^2
Power Dissipation 62W (Typical)
Max Temperature 69C
Additional Features x64, SSE3, NX-bit, Cool 'n Quiet
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More astute readers will immediately note that the Sempron 3400+ is darned near a Newcastle-core based Athlon64 3000+. It is no coincidence that they are price similarly ($125 and $140 respectively). There is no doubt that the extra 256KB of L2 cache on the 3000+ will enable it to best the 3400+ at stock speeds. However, the 3000+ typically overclocks to only 2.2 - 2.3GHz with air cooling. Can the Sempron 3400+ do better? We'll let the following two screenshots and the subsequent performance figures to speak for themselves.

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