It’s a good thing to keep in mind that when it comes to slots machines, there is the matter of improving your winning odds and there’s another matter of having a good strategy. These may sound similar but they mean different things.

My previous post was focused on improving odds and in this post I will focus on having a winning strategy. I trust that when I’m done, you’ll have gotten the difference.

Here are 3 ways to improve your winning strategy when playing slots machines.

1 Learn how to identify the right machines

Casinos will try every trick in the book to ensure that your money stays in the casino and never leaves. That’s basically how they stay in business. Keeping this in mind, avoid the machines that pop out too much in the casino as these are the ones meant to attract you but are programmed not to give you significant wins. Go for the machines that are not too visible but have sufficient players on them.

2 Scout for the best jackpot offers

When in the casino, always avoid being in a rush by jumping onto the first jackpot opportunity that comes up. As part of your winning strategy, it’s a good idea to take your time and explore as many slots machines as possible comparing their jackpot offers until you arrive at the one with the best offer and a decent buy in. In many cases, such will be hidden away from plain sight.

3 Take a chance with the slots machines along the alleyways

As part of the casino’s strategy to get more people playing slots, they will always place lose machines along alleyways in full view of other patrons so that they can be able to see when someone registers a win. Keeping this in mind, when you notice that no one is yet to register a win on these machines, take your turn because you may just be the lucky patsy in the casino’s psychological game.

With these, I trust that you now know the difference between having a good strategy and improving your odds. What you need to keep in mind is that these need to be executed simultaneously in order to improve your winning chances.

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